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  1. That moment when you make a nuke and it blows up and doesn’t blow up your entire base. That’s right there is blast protection that really comes in handy, weather it be from just a simple Creeper or your nuke reactor exploding and only destroying the very small amount of items directly connected to it, it all comes in handy. Preventing it from destroying everything around you that you have spent a lot of your time on and becomes easy to fix and learn from.
  2. That moment when you get so distracted by the server you forget what time it is, end up staying up until 4am, and are just having so much fun with other awesome people that its a little sad to leave for the night. But the good thing is there are always awesome people on the server and just so much to do.
  3. That moment when you get detracted and don’t get any of your builds done because you decide to decorate your mystcraft with random stuff everywhere. #1 yes, I do in indeed have an absolutely fantastic mystcraft which has made my gaming experience absolutely fantastic, and #2 Its so easy to get distracted by the awesome players on it and on their teamspeak. So much fun.
  4. That moment when you believe that the items on this server are quite expensive but then you begin to realize just all the multiple ways there are to make cash easy and pretty fast. You can get money by voting of course (always appreciated as well), Killing animals/monsters, creating a shop and selling items, selling to the admin shop, selling land you receive from voting or being on the server for a good amount of time, etc. It is fantastic!
  5. That moment when you are randomly roaming around the server looking for a new place when you come across absolutely amazing and fascinating builds all over the place. Not just a bunch of square wooden/dirt boxes but something people really put a lot of the time and effort in. You should join now and have a look.
  6. That moment when you come across a server that seems a bit like the majority of them, besides its random special things that make it different then the other servers, but what really makes me stay is the fantastic community and staff members. Some of the nicest supporting, and fun to be around people on any server I have joined. <3
  7. So I explored the server only to come across a ton of absolutely amazing builds by other players. There arn't just random square wooden houses like I have seen on other servers all over the place, instead there are amazing towers and homes that you can tell people put a lot of time in because this server is definitely worth putting your tie into and getting to know others. i'd definitely recommend you come check it out!
  8. The lack of lagg is amazing. The people are amazing. This server is just absolutely fantastic. Not supprised at all in its increase in popularity with its short length of existance. Well worth checking into!
  9. Oh hey hey! Server update! Very large update!~ System has been upgraded! what's that mean? Means even though this server is already fabulous it is even more now! This gives you the chance to experience one of the best servers I have ever been on in an even better way now. Join now to find out more of course!
  10. As usual I will state that I believe this to be a fantastic server. Normally after a month or two I tend to get bored, quit, and move onto another server but this one I consider to be different then all the other ones in quite a good way. The people on the server I cant imagine leaving and there just always seems to be something else I can do on it. They are continuously adding and updating new things as well and due to this server being decently new, that happens quite frequently. It is a server I would definitely recommend you look into joining. <3
  11. I have been on a few servers in the past that I did love but this one definitely tops all of them. Multiple things contribute to me considering this to be my definite favorite amongst all the others: The lack of lagg just always, the awesome people and staff members, ability to use quarrys and have your own myst world, and multiple other things. You should log in today to find out more
  12. This server, along with all the new players I have become friends with, are a absolutely fantastic! The admin shop is complete and has just about every basic thing you could really need and even if it is not sold there, there are also other players shops that have recently been created that are amazing and quite usful as well. Join today
  13. That moment when you just feel there is something different about this server that makes it feel just better then any of the other servers I have been on. It's like the server I'd been in search of for a while now. It is quite new, yet has quite a few people who already, like me, play it frequently and are all fantastic. I would definitely recommend joining today to find out more.
  14. In being on Tekkit Lite for over a year now and being apart of multiple servers and this one definitely stands out in comparison to all the rest. There are multiple reasons for that: - A few being the people who have also just discovered this server I already can call friends - Staff members are fantastic - Spawn is amazing - The shops, which are not allowed to be owned by staff, are a good size and there are no extreme rules in following certain prices on certain items. You decide how much you believe what you're selling is worth. - You have the option to purchase a chunk loader - M
  15. MsCheerio


    This Hexxit server is fantastic! The people on this server somehow just seem different in a positive way in comparison to past servers I have been on. Would recommend you join now to find out more and meet some pretty awesome people today
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