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  1. No offense, but bumping is listed under the minor infractions in the official rule post - '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> I will be joining this server soon though
  2. IRL Name: Not sharing publicly, PM me if you want it IGN: DrOfAwesomeness Skype: I don't use Skype. Age: Not sharing publicly, PM me if you want it, but I am between 14 and 18 How Active will I be? Really active Why Have You Chosen To Join This Server?: Because I love Attack of the B-Team but I'm so lonely in my Single player world How Experience Are You With The Modpack: (Rate: 1-10) 7.5 What Are You Wanting To Do On The Server?: I just want to play around, build an awesome base with a Tinker's Construct smeltry and possibly some witchery stuff. I'll also be playing with Thermal Expansion and Project Red. Sorry I didn't give more info about myself in the post, I don't like sharing that publicly, but if it's important that you know it you may feel free to PM me!
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