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  1. Wow that was fast! Thanks a lot. I have all the mods that I want to integrate into my modpack for 1.6.4, and I will look into the block_ID issue. Just one thing though, would it be possible to use forge to add all of the mods i want and then merge tekkit and my custom modpack, or will I have to manually install every single mod? Maybe my method is not trivial, do you recommend another approach or something? And again thanks!
  2. Hey guys, Here is my issue, I really enjoy the Tekkit modpack, and i don't wanna use another one, but I would really like to add a few more mods like Openblocks and Bibliocraft. So i was wandering whether this is possible or not? The best thing would be, if i could add all of tekkit's mods and my own in a custom modpack. I really hope you can help! /sincerely Caco4Cake