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    I like to help people, talk in chat a lot to people who ask questions like blacktops and those kind of games been on servers almost from when they've been created I think ill be awesome for admin or something like that can create games
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  1. 1.IGN:update10 2.AGE:16 3.Maturity Level 1-10:8 can deal with myself 4.Skype name: dark_catfish wont face Skype 5.Personality: Friendly, Happy, but I will go of sometimes if I get rally mad 6.Good at building 1-10: 8 been building for a long time 7.Why should you be accepted?:I like playing with other teaming surviving and making new friends I, update10, have read the and have accepted them with pride and honor
  2. IGN:update10 Age:16 Location: United States, Ohio mudpack experience: Played it a little in single player but I like to play with people moderate Why me? Chill about most stuff just want to have and experience with other players survive and have fun, I wont grief/steal if it says and I accept the rules and im pretty cool
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