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  1. Trying to get a server. Cant make my own :/

    1. PotatoesNGravy


      What modpack? Jw
    2. farmer_jess


      Hexxit or regular Minecraft preferably. I cant give you anything in return. I have just wanted this for a very long time. If you could do this for me i would be forever grateful.
  2. I am Farmer_Jess and ever since i have started to play MC and Technic Launcher games, I have severely wanted to make my own server. I have been unable to do so from my own computers. I am not asking for a tutorial to make a server. I am asking for a server. I would be unable to pay you.I can not give you anything in return. I am not asking for a server with plugins and staff situated. I am asking for a brand new server. A new start. I will do everything i can to make said server grand. I have many ideas for this server, that i have been compiling over the years. Please turn my dream into a reality. Reply with your server IP, plugins/mods it has, rules, Staff Members, age of server, and how popular it is. Thank you very much.
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