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  1. 120 pounds for hosting??? thats still really expensive there are some cheap host that have great servers and awesome service. you can have a good running server for around 30 USD (around 19 pounds) it will hold 10-15 players with 20 tps. 24/7 (if you restart daily) p.s. "Test-Mob £100 Lifetime" i think you mean Mod. I don't think people will enjoy playing creeper (the suicide bomber stuff probably)
  2. Hello, you should start a server when enjoy playing the game and want to let other enjoy too. not to make money and do you really think that people are going to buy a donators package when the server isn't even running yet? Also selling admin ranks is just retarded. Admins are supposed to be trusted people to make the server operate more smoothly and more fun to play not just some random people who pay some cash. Also you list on planetminecraft that you need 500-600 dollars to start the server? thats just crazy talk hosting is not that expensive for that kind of money you can buy a server!!! This just looks like a big scam to steal people's money!!! Also i doubt you get it to run proper because everyone with a little tekkit experience knows its a pain in the ass to convert a vanilla map to tekkit. let alone trying to convert minecraft 1.3 map to a tekkit map(minecraft 1.2.5)!!! Sources: link to post on planetminecraft provided by poster Quote: "Hi i am here to talk about a donations today due to we need money to make the server go live with no lag at all We need atleast £500 -$600 to get the server live 24/7 with no lag and let you all join us The server is under maintenance at the moment due to we made a spawn area in vanilla minecraft and then converted the server into tekkit but the world entitys could not be coped with so the server crashed Ect. vanila server 1.3 coverted into tekkit 1.2.5 - 1.3 entitys ignored and tekkit ore and other entitys addes = too much stress for the world" Quote: "(Architect) AKA Have creative and build many of the server things + Lifetime = £100 (Admin) AKA runs the server but is not a operator and will be given certain commands that a admin has like banning + Lifetime = £200"
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