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  1. oh wow the new mod is nothing like the original yogbox. D: think ima stick with the other one.
  2. its the yogbox that came with the technic launcher. it download its 1.2.1? I'll look around in it tho, maybe I am just being dumb. ---- OH there a new one! I didnt know there was a 1.6.4 version. well went and added it to the launcher. should be much easier now
  3. nope. I dont think it does :< guess I just have to hope I come across the item needed. all that i have in the upper corner is a bunch of "..." that takes me over to how to manipulate my inventory. took a snap shot of this via gyazo. http://gyazo.com/6f4f3ac5e4f1f993fb5fb70284a5983f http://gyazo.com/11fbfe698c478f2d678a4700ce6bcc63
  4. I see, hm any advice? yogbox has been really fun, just stuck looking for an item for research and wanted to try to get an item to test to see if it would produce what I thought it would x.x why I wanted to be on creative XD
  5. I been wondering about yogbox, how do you get your textbox up so you could manually go into creative mode? or is that even possible? because I noticed when your about to make a world you dont have the typical options to set up cheat codes and such. How can I enable this so I can mess around in a world?
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