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  1. Anyone else having issues logging onto the Server at the moment? I keep getting an correction error. -K.Downing
  2. I sent you a couple of messages regarding everything. I'm looking forward to a good time with everyone! -K.Downing
  3. Are there any spots still open for this server? If so, I'd love to join up as I've been searching for an AOTBT Server whose demographic is closer to my own age and not made up of children. Here's my application (obviously, haha): Minecraft name? KDowning19 What country do you live in? U.S., in the Ohio River Valley (in Ohio, right near WV and PA). I am originally from (born and raised and still own property) North Texas, about 60 miles Northeast of Dallas. Skype name? I'd rather not post it publicly; can share via message or email. Do you upload to Youtube? Not currently. May be interested in delving into such in the future, possibly. Age? 26 Acceptance of server rules? Has anyone answered "No," to this and seriously applied? haha Of course I accept.
  4. IGN: KDowning19 Age: 26 Skype: Rather not post it publicly. In game skills: Reflective of my personality, I'm an intelligent, versatile, and a quick study. I'm fairly knowledgeable on a wide array of topics and am always learning some new skillset or another. YouTube(if you have one): n/a Why you feel you should be accepted: I'm fairly new to multiplayer MC, as I've been hesitant to jump on and join due to the largest demographic being just so young. I've been searching for a server closer to my age, particularly for this ModPack. I'm a chill guy just looking to have a little fun with a good group of people. As I mentioned above, I'm fairly knowledgeable on many things, learn new things quickly, and am always down to help out if needed. I'm just looking forward to having a good time with some cool cats.
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