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  1. Hey guys. I have a mod pack called RavenCraft but every time i run it, the launcher closes then opens again. I have asked other people but they all say it is running smoothly for them. Please help. Thanks. [b#439] Analytics Response [runLauncher]: 200 [b#439] {"accessToken":"49ec38a35c7542059bc9d982bddab53b","clientToken":"2cd5fd65-2bd3-44c7-92b5-87f8fb34d4b2","selectedProfile":{"id":"6d9f88ec999b43aa921875d0c4a323b3","name":"Raven2505"}} [b#439] Pack: tekkitmain Image Download Worker Calculated MD5: 2f9625f8343cd1aaa35d3dd631ad64e1 Required MD5: 175523449f470a05bf4a32dfa3c48b0c [b#439
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