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  1. A VOLTZ SERVER ARE U SERIOUS!!!! wtf does that mean...why did u switch it on us who still play ur UMS server...are u kidding me god damn it, wasted so much time on there then u switch it....gotta be kidding me
  2. The server BETTER not set back again because i got alot farther and it wasnt up for even 2 days man...come on....is it the spawn again? a tornado tore through it, turn the damn weather off, stop turning server off, nothings wrong with it besides stupid Ender Tanks switching ID's with the Ender Chests and changing there shapes into them.....
  3. Application IGN: OpTic_WolfKiNg Age: 21 Skype: optic_wolfking In game skills: Im very good with all mods, i play Ultra Modded Survival and its very fun YouTube(if you have one): no sorry, dont got the time for it Why you feel you should be accepted: Im very helpful to people, iv nvr been banned from a server, iv been an admin of 4 servers (sadly they all closed) and i dont like to play solo, very boring.
  4. Well when ever the Servers back up plz make it soon, iv gotten so far to start over on another server...i like this one and id like to keep playing....hope it gets fixed soon, just take ur time...in no rush....just kinda sucks i gotta keep waiting after a week now....
  5. hey idk if u guys updated or not or stuff but i cant get on due to the Mod Mekanism, says theres files missing from the client and idk how to get them
  6. I cant get on the server because of certain files iv nvr heard of so idk what going on or if i gotta downgrade my client
  7. IGN: OpTic_WolfKiNg Location: Wisconsi, USA Age: 20 (21 on june 25th) Skype: optic_wolfking (id prefer u let me know if im accepted through there, im barely on here) Why you want to join: I love playing with small amount of people im very nice and i like to help others if they struggle with the mods How experienced are you at the mods: Iv played Monster/Ultra Modded Survival/Tekkit and i say im pretty good at the mods and know my way What mod are you best at: id say...Thermal Expansion/Tinker's Construct/ and Industrial Craft 2
  8. server down because of the spawn issue im guessing right? hope i can play tonight
  9. LUbdub someone stole all my shit i was on last night 6/7/2014, i get on this next morning and all my shits gone, someone portal use there portal gun to move the blocks and took all ym shit, im fucking pissed i spent hours on this shit and i want it all back i know what i had and i want it back theres only like 3 ppl who have portal guns who come on and i want my stuff back
  10. Server is down? crashed? whats up with this? been trying to get on 3 days in a row and it says Can't Reach Server?????????
  11. Hey im already whitelisted and iv been on everyday on ur server since u added me, i updated the mod pack and it says i need open blocks to play and i dont understand how my open blocks pack got erased or u guys need to update im confused..
  12. Ign(In game name): OpTic_WolfKiNg Age: 21 Where are you from?: USA (wisconsin) What do you like to build?: anything really What do you like to do mostly (Example:Miner, Engineer, Builder, etc)?: i like to adventure Why do you want to play on this server? I love captainsparklez series and i wanna try it to and also playing alone sucks Do you have Teamspeak? yes and skype
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