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  1. Server IP - Server Donation Store (30% Off Release Sale) - http://goo.gl/FRo2w4 Server Rules - 1. Dont Grief (Raiding OK) 2. Respect Staff and Others 3. Dont Spam 4. Dont Advertise 5. Dont Hack / Glitch 6. Dont Dupe 7. Keep Arguing To a Minimum 8. Use Commonsense Mods Removed: Minions Mod Airships Mod Furniture Mod Banned Items : - Dubstep Guns - Microblocks - Titans Major Plugins: Factions Essentials IConomy Lockette Annoucner Banitem ClearLagg Buycraft BungeeCord Skyblock McMMo Uptime : 100% so far! Description : Welcome to the first insallment of the OmegaN
  2. ip- This is a brand new attack of the b-team server with factions and survival. The server contains next to no lag. There is also a website were you can buy ranks and other stuff and currently there is a 30% sale on all items in the shop for a weak after launch. Also voting is enabled on the server which allows you to vote for our server once every 24 hours for perks such as /fly and in-game $ ip-
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