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  1. Redstone Engines seem to be bugged... they won't pump into wooden conductive pipes at all, even when hooked up to a pump or quarry. Halp?
  2. Whenever I enter a pocket world, it's just empty and I fall into the void and die.
  3. I'm interested. I have a lot of server experience, but I will sadly not do it for free. I'm sure we can come to a price.
  4. All accepted Hope to see you all in game soon! I will need to show you where the base is and stuff.
  5. You sound quite the Robin Hood of PvP servers there's no way I can deny that application. Absolutely mint. I'll whitelist you straight away, I'm on there right now.
  6. I don't want to advertise, but my little server allows Mystcraft and you sound like a very decent person so it would be likely I accept your application. Here's a link to my post: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> I have world instabilities turned off but if you want I can turn them back on to make it a bit harder. Forgive me if anyone considers this advertising
  7. The server is currently completely fresh, so come on in before all the others and get a headstart! Looking for fun and great to play with people to play on my Tekkit Lite server co-operatively. Pretty much always up unless I am restarting it or something has gone wrong and I've needed to shut it down for a while. This server is aimed at 16-25 year olds but anybody above 13 is still welcome. It is a whitelisted server, so you will need to apply below using the following format: *Required Name: *IGN: *Age: Description of yourself: *Tekkit Lite/general mod experience: Have you ever griefed or stolen before on another server?: *Skype or Steam (you may PM this to me if you wish to keep it private): RED = Action will not be taken, but is recommended to maintain respect and a nice reputation. Rules: 1) No griefing, stealing, or PVP'ing without the other person's consent. 2) Don't be selfish, if you're making something for yourself, make one for your buddies too. 3) Don't dupe. Even if it's just a minor little cheat, don't do it. It will spoil the legit and fun gameplay. 4) Don't ask for any kind of permissions, unless it's something that is reasonable such as access to /sethome, /msg, etc. You will gain more permissions as you become more trusted. 5) No racism, discrimination or sexism. 6) Please restrain yourself from releasing your inner troll... 7) Please do not craft more of something unless it is needed/do not waste resources, especially if they are borrowed. 8) Please replant. Plugins: - Essentials - PermissionsEx - AutoSaveWorld (Makes backups too, to protect all your precious work!) - Custom coded Anti-Lag plugin - HawkEye (anti-grief and rollback plugin) - ClearLagg - pTweaks - WorldEdit Minimum age: 13 UNLESS you can prove you are a mature and kind person. IP: unreal.nn.pe:25591 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why join this server? I have over 3 years of server experience, I can code Bukkit plugins and I am very protective over my server. When the server eventually is shut down, all players will be given the option to download the world so that they can continue it. All plugins are carefully configured and the server has not been rushed in any way. OP handouts? No. I don't fancy having some 8 year old kid go and abuse his powers and thus ruin the server. I will listen to everybody's wishes and opinions and make a decision which will attempt to please all. Hate trippy Mystcraft worlds? Don't worry. I've turned off Mystcraft instabilities for you! You are very welcome to start your own little Tekkit Lite company in the game. I am considering adding a plugin which will allow players to create their own shops at some point too. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Server is hosted with 2GB of RAM and a max of 5 players, but that can be increased. Donations are appreciated but you aren't expected to because I'm just doing the server for fun, unless you want to help pay for it. TPS: 20 - 99.9% of the time - Lag is extremely low, but can depend on where you live and when the server was last restarted. Hope to play with you soon!
  8. Name: Connor Edwards Minecraft Username: Connor2weirdness Age: 13, but extremely mature compared to others my age. Preffered Tekkit Mod: IndustrialCraft Are you banned in any server(Y/N): N I would really love to join this server because I am looking to play in a co-operative team and I possess a lot of knowledge with clean wiring, voltages, ComputerCraft, machines and other key components to a successful world.
  9. I don't see any "Redstone Energy Cell" And yeah I am using Tekkit Classic
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