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  1. Quite a few updates this week! Including fixing a major Forge related bug! Added AsieLib Baubles - Princess Edition Natura NEI Addons Pams HarvestCraft Spice of Life Updated Applied Energistics BloodMagic Botania Extra Utilities Forge (thanks blood for the temporary fix!) Mekanism Mekanism Generators Mekanism Tools Open Computers Removed Baubles (replaced with Princess Edition due to issues) Hungerstrike Come on in and join us!
  2. We have had a number of new people connecting all day today, and for the past 3-4 hours we have have the server down for maintenance (updates etc) which could explain why you couldn't ping the server. Sorry to ask yet again but want to give it another try? s39.hosthorde.com:25835 fusion.hosthorde.net You'll be happy to know with the updates we have added Open Computers Updated Applied Energistics 2 Botania EnderIO Removed Waila due to incompatibility Added Advanced Machines Artifice Backpack BiomeOPlenty Extra Utilities Factorization Mekanism Mekanism Generators Mekani
  3. Hi Doomzzday01 thanks for the questions. Yes we will be adding some computer related mods at some stage You were trying to connect to one of our other servers which was completely my fault as I had the enjin site allowing it to be shown, Do you wanna try the address fusion.hosthorde.net and confirm that it isn't working please. If the above doesn't work the direct IP is - If you can only connect via this method however just let us know and we will look into it further.
  4. Massive update Guys! Can you say 1.7.10?!?!?! As you may have noticed its been 2 weeks since we updated, but for a very very good reason! We (along with the majority of mod authors out there) have decided that 1.7.2 just won't cut it for modpacks so have started from scratch! We will still be opening our development server to anyone who wants to be apart of this process. Updated Pack to 1.7.10! Which means we have a brand spanking new set of mods in place at the moment. So whats in the pack now! Applied Energistics Baubles BloodMagic Botania Buildcraft Chisel Code Chicke
  5. Heya Shahrukhkhan. At this time we will be leaving PVP on, its unpractical at this stage to disallow PVP while testing Claims However prevent you getting PVP'd while at ya base, so I wouldn't worry to much about it.
  6. Been a very busy week for the mod makers out there, and as such its been an extremely busy week for us here at Project Fusion! Updated Applied Energistics Aroma1997Core AsieLib BiomesOPlenty Carpenters Blocks ChemLab Chisel EnderIO Enhanced Portals ExtraCells Factorization Forge Multipart GregTech IC2 Ironchest Mystcraft OpenComputers Pams HarvestCraft Railcraft RandomThings Rougelike Dungeons Secret Rooms TiC Tooltips Thaumic Warden Twilight Forest New Flat Bedrock Pet Bats Kwasti Bust Monsters Kwasti Villagers Advanced Machines Advanced Repulsion Systems Auto-Food Cloud Storage Conne
  7. Server will be coming down for maintenance on Friday and we have a lot of surprises waiting for our players! Om nom nom MOAR NEW MODS! Feel free to still log in and play until then however!
  8. It's been a week so that must mean it's Fusion update time! New World Fresh Start! Yep, we had to do it, All worlds have been regenerated! Quite a few additions and updates this week (Yaye Witchery!) Witchery Added Steve's Factory Manager Added Rails of War Added Mr Crayfish's Furniture Mod Biblocraft added back into the pack Modular Pots added Backpack 2.0 added There are simply to many updated mods to list! Grab the modpack at http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/fusion-for-172 and prepare to be slaughtered!
  9. A few updates this week on Project Fusion. We are frequently seeing more and more people coming along to play which is awesome! This weeks changes are (btw I love that the first one was released!) Thaumic Tinkerer with KAMI enabled Random things was added back into the pack GregTech updated Ender IO updated Professor Flaxbeards Steam Mod added for general balance testing Come join us
  10. Project Fusion ModPack has been updated and server is up and running again! Totally excited about some of these additions as our pack is based around the first one on this list! GregTech Twilight Forest The Erebus Mystcraft Whitelist has been removed again from the server, come have some fun!
  11. Heya 10xephos01 We enabled whitelist as a temporary measure today because we are adding Gregtech to the pack and its taking a little tinkering with to get it enabled, I will post again once shes up and running and the world has been regenerated. Pack and server updates will be a fairly frequent thing, we hope you join us and see the pack evolve Kindest regards ~Kura
  12. http://youtu.be/ieFnBGgT_KY Outdated Video, Will be updated soon! http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/fusion-for-172 fusion.hosthorde.net http://fusionmod.enjin.com 24/7 Unless applying updates, which we are keeping to a once a week basis as we run a test server behind this server insuring we shouldn't have to wipe. We started this pack with one goal, we wanted a heavily restricted tech tree so chose Gregtech and all work arounds and cheaty bypasses are to be eliminated while trying to add as much diversity as possible. Thaumcraft (with a load of addons) and other
  13. Download the Modpack! http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/ascension-modpack.372506 Server IP ascension.hosthorde.net Website http://fusionmod.enjin.com Uptime 24/7 Description We wanted to create a mod pack with magical and technological aspects while trying to balance and improve the game play and challenge of the overall experience. So what is Ascension/Fusion you might be asking? We started this pack with one goal, we wanted a heavily restricted tech tree so chose Gregtech and all work arounds and cheaty bypasses were eliminated while trying to add as much di
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