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  1. IGN: jordieman Skype: I'd rather not use skype as its for me to talk to family mostly, if its necessary I can leave my name Age: 14 Why you want to join: I prefer small tightly-knit servers over large servers, and the last server I played on has closed down Experience with AotB-T: haven't really attempted the more technical mods (would love to give them a try though!), lots of experience with the more creative mods (chisel, carpenters blocks etc) I would love to join, as I mentioned my old server shut down, and I'd really love to play with some people
  2. Name: jordieman (IGN), Jordan (IRL) Age: 16 What you wish to achieve: I'm not sure what you're asking here, if you could elaborate a bit I'd be happy to give a better answer Skype/teamspeak: I have teamspeak, however I don't have a mic Thanks for this
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