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  1. Noreik Gaming is a small and friendly Tekkit Classic with almost no banned items to help you get the most out of your Tekkit Experience. =========================================================================================================================================== Pictures: IP: Uptime: Usually 24/7, but will sometimes restart or be down for a couple of hours due to configuring plugins. Who is this server for? Anyone is welcome to join our server, but we are mainly looking for players who are experienced in Tekkit. Rules: Be respectful of other players. Do NOT ask for ranks. Do not promote other servers, Youtube channels or websites. Do not grief. No Base Mods Disabled! Plugins: AntiCreeper3 CoreProtect Essentials Factions NoCheatPlus PermissionsEx TekkitCustomizer TekkitRestrict WorldEdit WorldGuard Banned Items: TNT Cart Catalytic Lens Destruction Catalyst Evertide Amulet Infernal Armor Abyss Helmet Harvest Goddess Band Black Hole Band Ring of Ignition Void Ring Mercurial Eye Ring of Arcana Watch of Flowing Time Volcanite Amulet Dark Matter Tools Red Matter Tools Cannon Nova Catalyst Nova Cataclysm Dimensional Anchor Turtle Igniter World Anchor (Will allow one for a player, if they have a valid reason to need one) Anchor Cart Tunnel Bore All Bore Heads Dark Matter Pedestal Hammers Ender Chest (Buggy and Broken for client) Nuke Terraformer Note: The reason the items are banned is to prevent world damage, malfunctions and possible griefing that these items may cause!