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  1. Sorry ignore this post, I posted on a different thread and it got moved here...
  2. I've posted something a bit similar to this (but less detailed) on the Cafe Lame section, but apparently this is where posts like that should be So i've come back to tekkit after a year or two, and I noticed that most of the mods I used have been taken out. I played with 4 or 5 friends on a server I ran, and I would mainly use Xie's Farming mod, forestry, Equivalent Exchange and Railcraft, and I also liked Mo' Creatures, More Dungeons, Zeppelin and Crafting Table II. Now I know EE is still in the game, and I know that Tekkit/Technic has always been about Buildcraft, IC2 and redpower, and yes I dabbled in those mods, but the game feels incomplete without the mods I listed. I was thinking of making a modpack but I don't know how to do that. So to get these mods into a better format -Xie's farming mod -Zeppelin Mod -Treefelling (I'm pretty sure this is what it was called, it was the mod where a tree would completely fall when it was cut with an axe) -Forestry -More Dungeons -Mo' Creatures -Crafting Table II -Railcraft I'd have these all these in 1.2.5, the same version of Minecraft as Tekkit Classic, but I have no idea how to find them (some of them seem to have fallen out of popularity since being removed from the pack), how to put them all together into tekkit classic so it launches with them and how to make a server with these mods. Is there anyone who has attempted adding things to an existing modpack rather than make an original one? Do I just have to put all the mods into the tekkit folder in %appdata%? Anyway, any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance
  3. Well i've got no idea, it's late in Australia but tomorrow i'll go through the guide and dig for those mods haha. Determined to learn.
  4. Thanks for the help, do you think if I got the right versions i'd be able to add them to tekkit classic? Fun fun fun, in the sun sun sun
  5. So i'm not sure when you guys started to play this (there will probably be people who have played way more than me), there were some really cool mods in this modpack. Not to say tekkit classic isn't good now, because it's great, but I've just come back to tekkit after about a year, and there seem to be some mods that are missing. Would it be possible to have a modpack on the launcher which includes these mods in their 1.2.5 versions? -Xie's Farming Mod -Railcraft -Mo' Creatures -Forestry -Zeppelin -Crafting Table II -Better Dungeons I'm sure i've missed a few, but these mods were quite a big part of the game for me when I used to play it, and it'd be great to see another version of Tekkit Classic with the old mods, as they just made the game so fun. I get that IC, BC and Redpower have always been the main focus, but when i'd play with a group of friends i'd use it, but usually stick to farming and the magic in EE (which is of course still a part of classic). I read the forum rules, they're quite strict but I don't seem to have broken any, so i'll leave this post at that. Any replies as to why this wouldn't be possible (if it isn't possible) would really be appreciated
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