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  1. Our server got a serius lagg issues after a chicken farm on our server got semi automated. In a close room (big room) eggs got shot out of a dispenser making chickens. There where transposerts on the floor picking up new eggs and feeding the dispensor. After a couple of houres they had suppased the 4 didget numbers. We did manage du throw a lava bucket in there to stop it after aboute an houre. We are never going hungry again on the server. The Transposer and obsidium pipes need some safeguard to prevent this. Our server has now a rule that annimal farms must contain remotly controlled lava kill leavers. My fear is that people will use this just to kill servers. Be nice, Don't! Erocs Edited for info: Launcher/pack Version: Tekkit 2.1.1 Server Operating System: Windows 7 64 bit Version of Java: 7 64 bit Description of Problem: Look above Error Messages: [Warning] System can't keep up...