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  1. Hi, I'm the current owner of Matrix Gaming (Jason) and need either this thread deleted or somehow a post of mine to be the first in this so I can regularly keep the topic updated. I was going to send a PM to one of the moderator groups but there doesn't seem to be anyway to do that in PM. If needed I can PM to any mods/admins any info needed to confirm this, or you can catch me on my teamspeak at matrixgaming.enjinvoice.com
  2. I've been having some disagreements with one of my admins about some restrictions I want to place on power armor in Voltz and while I feel that I am fully justified in these restrictions, they feel otherwise and it's causing a rift between the staff and they are not taking to compromising very well. What do you guys think? How do you balance combat and PvP on your server and how do you usually handle this kind of situation? Is there anything you've done to minimize the drama from such changes?
  3. Lag hasn't returned other than when the server first starts sometimes, then we just unload the chunks and we are good to go as long as it's up.
  4. It seems the culprit was some chunks and a missile set up nearby. Regening the chunks with world edit seems to have fixed it. I'll mark this as solved if the problem doesn't pop back up for the rest of the day, it seems to not have come up recently according to the log.
  5. It isn't players loading chunks, they load even when no one is on the server. We found and destroyed two force fields and that seemed to help a good bit. I got chickenbones to work and it seems to indicate that the only loaded chunks were around me then suspeciously in a huge power grid and giant missile base. It didn't indicate any other chunks other than the ones around me as loaded strangely enough. But it seems to be kind of fickle. I was the only one on a while ago and it said 200 tickets and 300 some odd chunks loaded on chickenchunks, but on /gc it said 600 some, but it unloaded 200 some when I used laggclear's /lagg unloadchunks edit: I used chickenchunks to go to the loaded area, on getting close to it the lag stopped. It was one of our most active player's area. Nothing here seems strange though. The only thing that seems to be constantly loaded is some missile launchers under water... otherwise his huge power grid keeps flickering on. I think that might be it. I'll keep watching it and if it's the only area lighting up I'll make him chop up the power grid into pieces. I'm literally not seeing anything but *his* stuff come up so far. I think it's how far/complicated he spreads out his power system, but I really don't know. It's the oly stuff loading in either case. I think it might also be how much stuff he has in a small area. Things seem to work much better with chickenchunks installed, I'm advising all my server players to just install it so that they can play while we keep an eye on things. In either case it seems to help with chunk loading and unloading, but it's too early to tell. edit1: His power grid keeps flickering on esp when I log on ect, then the CPU goes down when I leave that area. it's definitely that. I'm actually not surprised given how many machines he has in that area, it's probably confused because he has so many wires going in so many directions in such a complex way across that entire area of his country. Edit: Sorry if I seem like an idiot in all of this... I was an admin before for our server for a good while but actually getting into the guts of all of this isn't exactly my area of expertise, the previous owner did all of that. I've learned *a lot* about the inner-workings of minecraft in the last few days fixing these issues, but I think it's worth it as I'm slowly seeing the trend start of people coming back to play with their old creations.
  6. Buahwhwhwhwhahahaha Ok so chickenchunks didn't seem to want to work for some reason. But I stumbled across something in the Forge config that let me stop mods from loading chunks. This will *probably* affect missile warfare but we will try to solve the issue until then. For now at least the map is playable again and CPU is down. I've offered a reward to any player that finds the trouble area(s), which they will know by the insane lag only in that area. We will then just destroy all machines in that area, and delete the chunks if that doesn't work. I'll let you guys know if we discover the root of the issue and fix it permanently. That way in the future others can solve the same issue if it arises.
  7. Unless I move my entire machine to the next room skype calls won't work, I assume you want me to use the share/show screen feature. So I'll try one more thing before deciding what to do next. I'm going to try to figure out what chunks are loading, and see if maybe it's an MFFS machine there or something else acting strange. Looking for a plugin or program that can help me see what chunks are loaded and figure out the offending region that way. Going to use chickenchunks to find them and see if that helps. One of the other admins who has a lot of turrets and machines ect wasn't too thrilled about my idea to remove them all in an attempt to fix the server and the rest of my staff says I should figure out what chunks it is first lol.
  8. I'm not sure how to figure that out, but I got a pastebin if anyone wants to look: http://pastebin.com/pHzRryxa I know a couple of people had it but I can't imagine it would be going over 300 chunks being loaded and causing CPU to skyrocket which is what we are at now. One idea we got is to put on a blacklist and remove all of certain machines that way until we figure it out. I'm at the point where I am going to tell everyone "too bad" about any placed machines and just remove them all if that will solve it. A couple of people built up some really impressive machinery... an entire missile base of 100 T3 launchers and wires going across a quarter of their country under roads ect It's just the weird thing is that last spring we managed fine on the same specs and setup we got now, and for some reason it's not working anymore. edit: second one that is acting a bit different: http://pastebin.com/Q7Xy7U6Y edit2: Sent a support ticket gonna see what my host says about it. I really hope we don't have to wipe the map. edit3: Seems my host says normally this ends in a map reset :/ I can take what we got now and strip out all machines and see if that fixes it. That way people will at least keep their cities. The previous owner says he knows of a plugin that will remove all instances of a blacklisted item placed on the map, but I don't know which plugin he used for that. Anyone have any ideas on what would be good for this? I'm gonna try removing the likely machine culprits or maybe just wipe all placed wires/machines and place a limit on how much machinary you can have.
  9. I think I read on another site where an owner stopped it by revisiting the chunks then leaving so they could unload. For some reason my gut said it was because when I built those walls I used the extreme distance with optifine and so I was loading chunks further away than I normally could. I'd really prefer to find a way to stop the automatic chunk loading entirely, as just using the command causes spikes in people's lag and could with enough of them it might cause my host to ask me to upgrade which I can't afford for a while and I don't think it would be good for the map long-term. Also I forgot to mention but my host told me that the CPU on their nodes are "E3-1240v3 or E#-1270v2 or higher proccesses". Is there a way to set commands whenever the server first restarts/starts short of scheduling commands and restarts at specific times of the day? I set it to restart every few hours and don't want it to restart 10 minutes later if I need to do a manual restart and that happens to be close to the normal restart schedule. edit: Could MFFS be causing it?
  10. ... I had already said that I had done that. Actually I've run it every min but it's not doing any good. I don't think its mcmmo as we removed that earlier to see if it was with little to no effect. I just need to figure out how to stop these random chunks from loading as that is somehow tied to the lag.
  11. This has been causing my server massive lag. It wasn't so bad a few hours ago as I could easily set a command to be used every 30 mins to clear out any chunks that load on their own, but now within a minute about 200 chunks load themselves up and make my CPU skyrocket... and I have no idea why. We had this same set up with this same host before and never had this issue. Save-on is on or so it says anyway and restarting has no effect. It even loads those chunks when no one is online! Our current set up is Voltz with: Factions Essentials Essentials Spawn Essentials Protect Essentials Chat Clearlag (only way I know how to unload them) chat manager Vault Timber Punishmental (I really don't know why the admins just use it to troll other admins xD) PermissionsEX mcore mcMMO worldborder worldguard worldedit I don't know if any of those plugins could even be causing it. The only thing 'out of the ordinary' that we've done is upload an old voltz map but it's on the same version and has the exact same set up (minus factions and clearlag but it was doing this even before we put in factions). Normal gameplay isn't affected by the huge spike in CPU other than the TPS goes WAY down and machines then dont work very well. We didn't have these issues before on this same plan with the same host. I was the only one on the last few hours and the only thing I did in those hours was idle for a long time and build a small cobble wall around a country and work on a city and now its loading them every few minutes, 200 chunks even no one is online. I watched the control panel as the CPU just randomly goes up and I have chunks from apparently nowhere loading onto my server. When all those extra chunks are not loaded we don't have any CPU issues and hover around 25% usually during a decent number of people on just building. I really want to figure this out because my community is counting on us returning with our old map and we've only been back for 3 days, I've already put a good deal of money into this =/
  12. Also our new sub domain is at http://matrixgaming.enjin.com/forum
  13. I think someone neglected to inform this page when the server changed for a bit to Hexxit sometime last spring. Since then it had a small hiatus in the summer before changing ownership. We are back on Votlz, same map as in this topic with the same storyline, we are in the process of making sure everything is as it should be pluginwise ect ect. We are also adding factions if I can get it to work. Everything should be done by Friday afternoon. Also the whitelist would of been the same as it always was in the "whitelist and server IP" forum: http://matrixgaming.enjin.com/forum/m/12725591/viewforum/4252579 This topic will be updated shortly (within 24 hours),
  14. Though seeing "[server] WARNING Can't keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded?" keeps worrying me. The server seems fine so long as it's restarted every few hours, but that's partly due to using a third less resources than we used to. edit: we fixed this by getting rid of a missile base that had 100+ launchers
  15. We ended up needing to delete the offending chunks. Works fine now >.>
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