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  1. I am having a problem with all attack of the B-team servers, they all say "cant reach server", if anyone knows how to fix please tell me.
  2. Age:14 Gender:Male Time Zone: Eastern Time Why You Should Pick Me: I am a nice very friendly person, I know some things in thermal expansion pretty well so i can help with that. What I Can Bring to the Server: Happy attitude I am generally always happy. What Makes Me Special From Everyone Else: I am not special jk I dont really know. Minecraft Name: MeNormalNo Hope you accept me. Thanks, MeNormalNo
  3. IGN: MeNormalNo Why should I be accepted: Very nice and friendly person love to meet new people and make friends and a small server would be great for me to meet these new people. What mod do I plan to focus on: Thermal expansion and tinkers construct What I like to do in Mincraft/AOTB: Exploring, building, and learning new stuff Thanks, MeNormalNo
  4. In-game name: MeNormalNo Age:14 Fave color for starter kit: Red Timezone/country: America, Eastern time (just during the summer) (Not summer: Mountain time) Thanks, MeNormalNo
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