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  1. Hmm even figuring out what mods to remove can be frustrating, either way ill try to make one still and continue the regular topic, but i just got an idea for a modpack that isnt much of a game changing mod, rather that it enhances vanilla minecraft, so something like life in the woods, i might make 2 modpacks; one that allows you to still play on servers and one that is meant for singleplayer really, but I haven't joined a server with mods in a while so maybe it changed to allow you to join even if you have mods on. Some basic mods im thinking of adding are: Shaders Biomes o' Plenty Inventory Tweaks This might break the balance or the enhanced vanilla minecraft theme but tinkers construct? Or maybe another weapon adding mod Better grass & leaves Dynamic lighting Something that adds more food Bibliocraft? Nei Backpacks and some other things Got any other cool mods i could add? Or should i just stick to the enhanced minecraft and add things that really dont add items just aesthetic effects?
  2. Yea looking at the mods there is a ton of them and pixelmon is with a different modpack not the one im thinking of making. Im probably going to remove either greg tech and/or rotarycraft, and possibly Ars Magica 2 as it can change the balance quite a bit with its healing which can make the rewards you get in blood magic easy, this also goes with Botania too, so i might remove that too, but it isnt all about its healing and such. Any ideas of mods I should remove, add for better balance and such?
  3. So Im in the planning stage of creating a modpack. I created a private modpack with pixelmon as its main mod, but this is not what i need most help with. If you could tell me ideas for other mods i could add to this modpack that would be helpful Anyway so the new modpack i want to make, I dont have a specific set theme of how its supposed to feel but i want to add some of the new mods that have been released like botania and possibly have ae2, and Im thinking of having these mods: Ic2 Thermal Expansion Railcraft Buildcraft Advanced Genetics (Maybe) Applied Energistics (1 or 2) A Type of Mod adding new biomes like Biomes o' Plenty Bibliocraft Mekanism Backpacks (Maybe) Big Reactors Blood Magic Thaumcraft 4 Ars Magica 2 Chisel ComputerCraft Compact Solars EnderIO Enhanced Portals (Maybe) Extra Cells Extra Utilities Open blocks Factorization Forestry Forge Multipart Hats Mod RedPower2? (I heard things about it tho so about it yet) Inventory Tweaks JABBA Logistics Pipes IronChests MFFS Minefactory Reloaded Mimicry (Not sure yet, seems little to cheaty) Modular Powersuits Mystcraft Natura Not enough items Nether Ores Obsidian Plates Opis Portal Gun/ Gravity Gun (Maybe) Power Converters Quarry Plus Project Red Some sort of minimap mod ReactorCraft Redstone Arsenal Random Things RemoteIO Rotarycraft (Maybe) Steve's Carts Thaumic Tinkerer TiConstruct Tinkers Mechworks Tinkers Steelworks Twilight Forest Waila Botania Binnies Core Carpenter's Blocks Forbidden Magic Dartcraft (Maybe) Damage Indicators (Maybe) Magical Crops Magic Bees Morph Open Peripheral Thaumic Reliquary Chicken Chunks Steve's Factory Manager Witchery WRCBE Xeno's Reliquary Flans Mod Dimensional Anchors Hardcore Ender Expansion Rougle Like Dungeons (Maybe) Gregtech (Maybe) Electro-Magic Tools ICBM (Maybe) Statues Galacticraft (Maybe) ----------------------------------------------- This is what ive got so far, please tell my incompatibilities or mods that arnt updated yet, if i should remove some mods and other things I need to know about making a modpack and about my list. I could also use some help with names for the modpack. Thanks!
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