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  1. TechnicSolder 0.6 I've added a mod list with it's versions and such, however the create a new build page seems to not work for me. Any mod I select, the version box doesn't update with the added versions. If however I select "Select One" on the Mod Name box, then the version box goes blank like so: Edit:Fixed. For the mod slug itself I had put a [1.6.4] infront of it, which apparently causes issues. I removed the [1.6.4] from the modslug, and just added a 1.6.4 infront of the version and it worked just fine.
  2. Thanks for the reply! I can see how it was our fault, and I can understand. I won't make a fuss about getting our +1's back, all though I must ask if it's possible to get our old link and API to where it was before deletion? So for the people who already have the modpack installed will still work with updates. It'd be amazing if that was possible.
  3. Thanks for the reply , is there any way you could push this up to the actual Technic Admins? (Unless you're actually one of them, if so i'm sorry ) We've been with Technic for awhile... we'd hate to all of a sudden lose that. Penguin did not decide to shut down, when this happened we got Penguin in TeamSpeak and started to at least get the DNS up and running since that's what people used to log into the server, so we could tell them what's happening. Since the Webhost was down, there wasn't a way to get any word out. We just recently finally got a new webhost and Penguin had to change the domain NS's, currently we're working on a brand new website. Expect a reply from Penguin tomorrow on this thread.
  4. What happened On June 10th, around 5:00PM BST the BusinessElite official website http://businessmodpack.com was hacked. The owner of BusinessElite, iPenguinMC was hacked. At the time iPenguin had the same passwords for his Technic Platform account as his Webhost and Email. That has changed of course. The website had been deleted, and the Modpack had also been deleted. Why are you creating this thread? iPenguinMC is the official owner of BusinessElite, I am creating this thread for the hopes that we get our Modpack back with our votes, or at least an explanation of what happened around that time of the deletion. BusinessElite has been apart of Technic for almost two years. iPenguin has already tried contacting the Technic Admins, but we haven't heard anything back. How do we know you're part of the official BE Server? Honestly I don't have any proof, if you'd like you can talk to me on TeamSpeak or even in-game. How do we know this is legit information? I will try to get iPenguin to reply to this thread confirming all of this, if you'd like however you can even go to our website to confirm it for yourself, or look for BusinessElite on the modpack browser. It isn't there. Here are some pictures and a link of the currently hidden modpack, iPenguin had re-made the modpack but made it hidden so the name doesn't get taken. http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/businesselite.385133 The old BusinessElite Modpack page: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/businesselite.540 Cached copy of the page: http://web.archive.org/web/20140209065103/http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/businesselite.540 Here is a screenshot of the statistics, that for some reason have stayed even after the deletion. On 6/10 is when you see the massive drop in Runs and Installs. This may or may not persuade you into what had happened, but I hope it did. What do you want us to do about it? All I ask is for your support, iPenguin as well as others have spent 12 hours+ A day working on BusinessElite trying to get it where it was two days ago, seeing all of those votes which took almost 2 years to get just disappear out of thin air surprises me.
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