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  1. Age: 14 IGN: oshawatter Central Time Zone (US) I want to join because I want a great experience with a small server. I don't always get chances like this so I would be happy to join. Language: English Experience: Voltz, none I want a server to do it for the first time on. I hope you will accept me.
  2. IGN: oshawatter reason I want to join: I want a full attack of the B team experience with lots of people. Age: 14 Favorite mod: Industrial Craft, Morph, Biomes Aplenty, chisel Favorite thing to do in minecraft: Building Youtube: none Building ability: 8 Time zone: Central standard time Do you want to participate in the UHC: As long as its lasts under 2 hours. I have a time limit on my computer. I deffinetly can't wait to join. PS How do I download the modpack? PPS A couple of weeks during July I wont have a chance to get on because of camp all day. Just wanted to let you know
  3. I'm having problems getting on the server. Do you have to be on for others to join?

  4. Age: 14 Gender: Male Time zone: Central Standard Time Why would you pick me other than the rest of the people?: I am extremely intelligent and I am an Invaluable addition to any server. I know a lot about the mods and I also have a very good eye for design. What can you bring to the server?: I can bring a lot of beautiful buildings and architecture to the server and I can use only what I need. If anyone needs any help, I'm your guy. What makes you special from everyone else?: I am very quirky and nerdy. I do watch a lot of shows like Dr. Who and other things and I remember quite a lot about them. I also am not afraid to show what I can do. Minecraft Name: oshawatter I hope you will decide to pick me for your server. And I hope you have a pleasant day. PS. How will you reply to us if we have been selected. Just want to be aware of what to check. Thanks!
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