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  1. So i've started this world 2 days ago didn't do much got a few @Mekanism machines and a TE pulverizer. basically when I join my world it shows Loading world building terrain. It does nothing 'till I force close the game, because of that I don't get a crash log I assume. I'm also using the recommended version of the pack. I've seen a few posts about this problem and no working solution ( at least for me ). I've also seen people blame @Dimensional Doors mod, I tried to delete it with the configs as well but still the same problem. My pack the the "Vanilla" Bigdig without any mods added/removed. Tried to re-install the pack multiple times as well restarting my computer. I run 1.5G of ram and my computer have 4 gigs of ram. Also when I started playing with 1G of ram it worked flawlessly with the right graphical options. I also managed to get the world running on a server but, i ran it through the .jar file and not through the .bat file because the .bat file didn't work. When I ran the world on the server it corrupted every non Vanilla item/block, and I was left with vanilla only world without my waypoints. That's all the information I have, thanks for the helpers. - 00 Buckshot