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  1. Looking to play on a server with a small group of people, preferably working together on a town and/or different projects. Or just doin my own thing with a few cool people on the same world. I have about 3 months of experience with tekkitmain, tekkit lite, and a couple FTB modpacks. I'm looking to build some awesome structures and awesome automation with all mods. IGN: TimboSlice9989 AGE: 24 I don't really like the structure of a large server and I'm tired of playing alone on my own servers.
  2. IGN: TimboSlice9989 AGE:24 WHY YOU WOULD LIKE TO JOIN: I've been playing tekkit for a while by myself and it just isnt that fun anymore. I'd like to play with a few like minded people and help build a cool community. I don't like how huge servers are structured so i feel a small one is the best fit for me.
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