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  1. Minecraft Name: savaman07 Skype Name: Savaman07 Age: 15 (before you read this and say no please call me off of skype and then you can make a decision) Experience: Never played it before, but I do feel obligated to tell you that I have played with most of the mods in it, but never together. Favorite mod: Build craft. The automated systems are so helpful! Do you plan to record?: Yes, I have held up my channel for too long now because of an incident with my computer. I would like to get my channel moving again by posting new and fun things, this being one. What do you like to do in minecraft?: I love mods that are complex and have many different steps you have to complete to achieve an amazing goal. This is why I enjoy playing mods in minecraft. Why do you want to be in this server?: I would like a server that is fit for me to record without stolen objects, trolling, and bad admins. I have applied for 4 different Attack of the Bee Team servers and will probably apply for more to figure out which is the best to start a series that won't end in the server dieing or corruption. What else should we know about you?: If you feel like you need to know more then please contact me; twitter @savama07 Google+ (I never check this) savaman07 Email [email protected] Skype: savaman07 I think you get the idea. All of my accounts are savaman07.
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