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  1. IP: insidiouscraft.mcph.co Rules: You are responsible for knowing the rules. No griefing or stealing. No PvP unless agreed upon by both parties. (No PvP logging) No unused/wasted claimed land. No spamming. No advertising. No derogatory terms or excessive swearing. Don't misuse or abuse /helpop. Alwasy respect other players and staff. Don't ask staff for items or ranks. Don't abuse any glitches or loopholes. Report any players who may be breaking the rules. Lost items will not be returned unless it is staff's fault. (Keep inventory is on) Use Common sense. Punishment will be done at staff's discretion. Disabled Mods: Mystcraft Dimensional Doors Dimensional Anchors Chicken Chunks MFFS Redstone in Motion Banned Items: Wooden Fluid Pipe LiquiCrafter Block Breaker Filing Cabinet Cannon Battle Axe Dynamite Tiny TNT Matter Cannon Antimatter Fissile Fuel Rod Breeder Fuel Rod Uranium Blade Launcher Module Leaf Blower Module Lux Capacitator Module Plasma Cannon Module Lightning Summoner Module Florb Needlegun SPAMR Launcher Fishing Rod (MFR) Vibration Catalyst Entropy Accelerator Steve Cart's 2 Drills Sacred Rubber Sapling Fusion Reactor Magnet Module Auto-Spawner PortaSpawner Portal to the 'Deep Dark' Ender-Thermic Pump Quarry Mining Turtle Minium Stone Philosopher's Stone Terrain Smasher Autonomous Activator Block Placer ME Transition Plate Chunk Loader (SC2) Plugins: GroupManager Essentials WorldEdit WorldGuard ClearLagg Vault ChestShop LWC LogBlock CoreProtect Nicknames iDisguise mcMMO Towny ProtectionStones GriefPrevention Keep Inventory RandomTP Description: We are a new server with great ambitions. Our staff is very dedicated and each has numerous staff experiences. We wanted to create our own style of Tekkit/Minecraft witht the freedom we all desire with a bit of roleplay thrown in. The roleplay is done through Towny and the admins are "gods". You may "pray" to them and possibly receive an award for doing so. We are now advertising for the server so we may start to grow our community. Some aspects aren't finished, mainly the mall, and are being worked on constantly to ensure that they are usable as soon as possible. We want the best experience possible for anyone who plays on InsidiousCraft. Uptime is expected to be 24/7 (It will only go down when maintenance is required) Community: The current community is very dedicated and are all friendly. The staff strive to ensure that you have the best possible experience, and these aspects are required to reach that level of satisfaction. We are looking for members of the same esteem and who wish to enhance the playing experience of both themselves and other members. Website(WIP): http://insidiouscommunity.enjin.com TeamSpeak: ts114.teamspeak3.com:7999 (Pictures and more information will be added as everything is finished)
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