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  1. Edit, I don't have a static ip adress, so it will change. new ip
  2. Ok, here's the deal, I abhor servers with plugins, so I created my own. No bs just straight tekkit. I'm new to the whole server hosting thing, so this may not work at all. (sorry) But if there's anyone still out there, who is civilized and who appreciates tekkit please join. Note: I'm not sure when this is going to be up, or how often, but its a start. IP:
  3. Hey, so I had to dig up this fix; none of the known links were working. Download the Minecraft.class file provided by the link, open up the modpack.jar with an archiver, and replace the class file. Happy achieving. http://www.mediafire.com/?q1xhqh68o5eyu1p
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