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  1. hmmm that's odd now it works, I decided to use my email instead of my account name and it worked..but why would it work with email.. when I tried last night and it didn't work.. thanks ya, it can be locked or what ever.. I was lost and confused, but hopefully now I can get threw this and make it work for my son, and maybe me if I can understand the controls right for this game.. I wish I had a controller like for the ps3 does.. or would a game controller work for this? I mean for MInecraft
  2. Yup all is the same, I don't have any caps in my password its all lowercase and numbers and yup we got a card from game stop and downloaded the game onto our pc like 2 months ago. Do I need to be logged out of my mojang account to log into this thing?
  3. I use my user name Skittychu83 and my password which not saying.. but any ways it keeps giving me that message.. a friend told me about this so I decided I'd try it but I swear it hates my log in name or something. I've used tried my email for user name still nothing.. password I just changed to make sure I had it right. I don't have any spaces in my user name
  4. Hi, I hope this is the right area to place this question, but I just downloaded the launcher, and every time I try to log into it with my minecraft name, it gives me this message "Invalid credentials. Invalid Username or password" and I just fixed my password on the minecraft sight and was able to log into my account on the launcher for minecraft but can't seem to get on this one, and I'm not sure what to do.. I'm a bit confused.. Do i use the name I just created here? cause my son's been wanting to use mods and I just can't figure out how to use any of these things and this o
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