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  1. Name: Josh Minecraft Username: xmaniak100 Age: 16 Your long term minecraft project: Building a huge datacenter with computercraft internet Why you want to play on this server: Playing completely alone wears out fast and I want to make some friends that could help me if I need it
  2. IGN: xmaniak100 Age: 16 Timezone: GMT +1 About You: People describe me as a talkative easy going peaceful guy. I am studying at high school aiming towards VFX. Im an ok student, i love making friends and testing stuff. Why you Want to Join: I am looking for a cool lil server with friendly people because i want to record and dont want griefers or such ruining it. What are you good at in this modpack: i am fairly new but i used tinkers construct before and i have no problem learning uaing wikis. How often will you be on: Probably every day for a few hours
  3. Ign(In-game name): xmaniak100 Age: 16 Do you have any experience playing Attack of the B-Team?: Not a lot, but I can help myself using wikis and other stuff Do you acknowledge that cheating stealing and greafing will get you removed from the server?: Sir, Yes sir! Do you have skype?(if so put down your username or message me it): I do dodik1003 Will you listen to any sort of rules that will be applied to the server if need be?: Yes I will unless they get unnacceptable in which case I will peacefully leave, not brake them. Timezone?: GMT +1 I hope we will talk soon! Astare<3
  4. IGN: xmaniak100 Skype name: dodik1003 Youtube link: None yet looking into it Age: 18 This is what I was looking for!
  5. Username: xmaniak100 Age: 16 Skype (If U have One): dodik1003 Do Your Record?? Yes Or No: I do If Yes Whats your Channel and : None yet How Many Subs??: N/A How Much experience Do You Have With The ModPack?? 1-10: About 3-5 Are You A Builder, redstoner, Explorer, or all of them: Mostly a builder Are You A Good Builer?? 1-10: 8 Are You Going to be Active??? Tell Me How Long/When you can/will come on: As much as possible probably every day for couple of hours Will You ever Donate (Wont Affect Chances Of Getting Picked): I might, not sure at this stage Will You Help The Community?: Oh of course I will Why Should i pick you out of everyone else??: I would love to play on a small server, learn from others and help them back, I love pranking and am gonna be on for most of the day watching if theres any mischief
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