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  1. So do I need to fix it or not? If so can someone suggest a more reliable system?
  2. As stated previously though, this system did work when tekkit 3 was released, I'm wondering if this NOT working is due to a change in IC or something like that? And I have no idea how deployers or any of that work.
  3. View distance is how many chunks you are loading into your view. The game limits it to 15 because that's what is loaded around you (a chunk is a 16x16...or 64x64 block area, from top to bottom of map). The game can only show those 15 because that's all it has loaded into memory. The worlds are randomly generated. Completely. There is some seed based system that I don't fully understand but it determines the math that generates your world and the chunks that comprise it. That you are not running into mountains is not the fault of you or the game. With quick google searching you can find ple
  4. Okay, so I'm playing a tekkit server with my GF and we have a small issue. After much work and death, we are working on an infinite power source using a water tower. This has worked before when Tekkit 3 was released but it doesn't anymore, I'm wondering if this is due to a bug or an update. The set up is a tower: Five by five with the corners brought in, centered and raised off the ground by one is a batBox surrounded by four watermills, each with a bucket inside. I then proceed to fill the surrounding areas with water. I've only filled up two block heights with water but the first batBox isn'
  5. Oooh. Yeah, not having those would have been a pain. Thanks!
  6. And this has no conflicts? If not then thank you very much kind sir/ma'am!
  7. I know tekkit apparently runs on bukkit which is all fine and dandy, but there is a specific mod my friends and I want on our server, it's one that simply makes it so that if you chop a tree down at the bottom block (well any block really) with an ax then all blocks above it on that tree fall at once. Because of the way our tree farm is set up we keep getting Mega Trees and wanted a simpler way to cut them down. It was one of the more realistic mods we had found before. The problem comes in that I don't know if it would contradict with any of the tekkit mods, so I ask here for help in finding
  8. I play on a tekkit server that still holds Computercraft and I have a question in regards to it. Is there a page anywere that has a reliable list of lua commands, as well as minecraft specific commands including what they do. The reason I ask is that I want to write (or find) a program for a mining turtle that will flatten land from it's starting position and up (taking and x,y,z input), while avoiding dangerous materials, namely lava. However I can't find the information I need, and my searches for such a program have provided no way to use them. I am not running the server so I can't just in
  9. Minecraft is a beautiful game. Technic/Tekkit made it a complex game. But now I want a STUNNING game. I'm looking for texture packs that work with Technic and/or Tekkit that doesn't require any kind of HD patches to run. I knew a few older ones but with all the special blocks I don't know which ones would work. Any help, and links, would be deeply appreciated.
  10. Hello, I'm starting to get bored with both vanilla and technic SSP and am looking into trying to join a SMP server. However I know that Tekkit allows for far more creativity than vanilla and am therefore looking for a 24/7 server that is willing to accept me and is fairly active. I'm hoping that in playing this type of game online I can have more fun. I am also hamachi willing if need be.
  11. To clarify, I enjoy combining mods to get odd combinations. I'm a computer science major who intends to make my own personal mods as soon as I learn the language of Java.
  12. Hello, I'm a gamer/modder (though I can't yet create my own mods as of yet) and have a question. First: Technic is amazing. It allows people who are into mods make modded worlds without screwing with their vanilla. This is something I've been dying to find until I eventually did find it. Second: There are a lot of well known or popular mods not included standard with this program. One such program (hate if you will) is Mine Little Pony. It's a minor mod that changes the skin of your character in to that of a pony form "My little pony: Friendship is magic". I can see why
  13. Oh, and whenever I try to use the links on the main page I get some "Oracle" error and I have no clue how to get passed it.
  14. I downloaded the .exe (linked from yogscast) and attempted to run it but every time I do I get the error "Can't find java directory". I know I have java installed on my computer, otherwise a lot of things wouldn't be working (such as minecraft) so I don't know what it is I have to install to get this thing working. Any help?
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