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  1. No, but I'll put that on there. Alright, took that off the banned list then.
  2. Welcome to our Tekkit Classic Server! IP: Website http://quaggantekkit.enjin.com/home We are a new Tekkit Classic server trying to provide a fun experience for all new members! We try to do our best to be friendly and helpful to all new members. We have almost no banned items because we want you to have the most fun you can on the server without having to feel like you're unable to do anything. I hope to see you on the server soon!! Server Rules: 1. No Griefing 2. No Stealing 3. No racist comments 4. No Cheating 5. Have fun!! Banned Items: (These are banned to stop server lagging/crashing or griefing) (List subject to change as we continue to grow) Nukes Computers All Rings Except Smite/Swiftwolf/Zero Forcefields World/Dimensional Anchors Plugins: (Also subject to change as we continue to grow) Essentials Towny iConomy World Edit World Guard Tekkit Customizer Spawn Pictures Coming Soon: PVP Arena
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