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  1. Considered. May take 1-2 days to be accepted/denied. However I will be on vacation this week until july 1st, so a response will be available on July 3rd at the latest.
  2. Freedom Tekkit Official Forum Page owned by: bengalman211 IP: Vote sites: PlanetMinecraft Tekkit Server List MineServers Minecraft Server List Rules: 1. Have fun 2. No griefing or hacking 3. PvP is disabled 4. No use of banned items 5. Items can only be given away (for free) if both players are Member+ 6. No AFK pools 7.If someone asks you to leave their property, you must. Banned Items: World Anchor Catalytic Lens Evertide Amulet Volcanite Amulet Harvest Goddess Band Black Hole Band Ring of Ignition Void Ring Watch of Flowing Time Dark Matter Axe Red Matter Axe Cannon Nova Catalyst Nova Cataclysm Dimensional Anchor Tank Cart Anchor Cart Nuke Water Strainer (Temporary Ban) Recent News: ​We have had our first donator, seanjones25 We had a new spawn built, special thanks to project lead, 06chipsahoy(Chips) Recently added donation package, Nickname (Just $3.00) ​ Staff Application Format: IGN (In-Game-Name): Age (No limit just curious): Position (Must first be a mod, then you may apply for admin): Why I should choose you: What can you bring to the server: Tekkit experience (scale of 1-10): Can you be mature when needed? (I don't mind funny people but you need to know when its time for maturity): If you want imformation added to this form contact bengalman211(Ben) in-game.