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  1. tc.prestige-networks.com Click Me For Rules Click Me For Website We are a custom and completely professional Tekkit Classic Server with no banned items and tons of patches. We run very good hardware in order to give you guys a no lag experience. Be sure to check us out and visit our website! www.prestige-networks.com Features: - No Banned or Removed Mods/Items - We use basic plugins like Essentials, Grief Prevention, Factions, PermissionsEX, and Tekkit Restrict. - We also use our base custom plugins for multi uses, such as custom commands like /factions /survival and /hub. - 24/7 Uptime - Player Ran Shops - Multi Server | Hub | Factions | Survival | OP Tekkit Classic (TBA) - No Lag (Constant 20 TPS) - Voting Milestones to offer you better rewards over time - Friendly Staff - Mature Community - Custom Patches - Great Donor Perks - Much More Coming Soon!
  2. Hello, me and my friend are starting a server network that will consist of many minecraft servers. Currently we have decided it will insist of Tekkit Classic, Tekkit Main, Pixelmon, and Vanilla (With many minigames/gamemodes). I will be setting up the servers by myself, but we are in need of a few fairly good developers, website coders (preferably good with enjin) and graphic designers/artists. My friend has a youtube account with 10000 subscribers that will help us to start out with. His account is WorldofSerity but if you are interested in a developer, website developer, or graphic artist position, please post below with the following format. We are expecting this to be fairly popular due to his large subscriber count. The Job of the Java Developer would include: -Working on patches for items in the modded servers -Working on plugins for the servers What you will receive for working with us: A custom Developer rank with extended access to commands A custom website rank to be noticed by the players. The Job of the Web Developer would include: -Working on our Enjin Website -Working with the Graphics Artists to make the website better What you will receive for working with us: Full access to website Custom Website Rank (Maybe a rank in game, we'll discuss) The Job of the Graphics Artist would include: -Making animated and non animated banners -Making website theme pictures -Making us pictures in general What you will receive for working with us: Your own forum section on the website to take requests to do graphic art for people Your own custom website rank (Maybe a rank in game, we'll discuss) Age: Do you have skype? (Required) If so please tell us over private message or post here: Are you applying for Java, Web, or Graphic Development: What experience do you have in your preferred field: Do you have the programs necessary to get the job done: Do you have a microphone (Required): Do you have any past work you can provide us with?: How long have you been working in said field: