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  1. UPDATE: We just started a spawn sale to make it easier for new players to start. Ores sell for twice as much as usual!
  2. Greetings entrepreneurs! Capitalist craft is a server that is based on aspects of capitalism and a free market economy. Build a great iron empire and rule the markets with your goods, become a real estate millionaire with vast amounts of assets, and much more! You spawn in the great city of Industry which is divided into approximately 200 plots of land which you can purchase. These plots are safe and protected. Outside of the city its free game! Pvp and nothing is safe! So join us today and build your empire! Due to an economy based multiplayer environment, we had to ban some items. -EE is disabled as it makes everything too easy and ruins economy -Some weapons mod is disabled as they bypass the spawn protection IP: Rules: -no griefing in city -no commies The server is up 24/7 We have a small but dedicated community and we are looking to expand. We usually get between 5-10 players during most weekdays Here's a video of a casino I made, it's my own personal business venture: