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  1. SERVER HAS BEEN FULLY UPDATED ! Now running in 1.7.10 come join the magic madness
  2. making Server even harder :P

  3. well its open pvp aprt from safe zone's and the main city, factions are available from start to protect your base/buildings although Towny plugin will be coming some time next week
  4. also solider try and reset the modpack (the cog symbol at the top of the technic launcher)
  5. hmm not sure maybe update technic itself ? ill check to see if any others have come across this
  6. :::NEW MODS ADDED::: Blood Magic v1.0.1b Carpenter's Blocks v2.1.0 - MC 1.6+ CraftHeraldry 1.0.3 Floocraft v0.2_r3.5 for 1.6.4 Hats2.1.5
  8. 1.5 UPDATE New Mods/items/content/quests ADDED :::FULL WORLD RESET FOR ALL:::
  9. i love /vanish :)

    1. Lethosos


      I prefer /thor, really. Lightning to the ass.
  10. nps thanks nefzen glad you short say was enjoyed and feel free to say hi ever now an then when ya have the chance
  11. deathnode server updating

  12. New DeathNode Magic pack Brings together a mix of some of the best magic themed mods for a more challenging Minecraft experience. DEATHNODE MAGIC SERVER IP : Main website : Top mods: Thaumcraft 4,witchery,ars magic2,blood magic,Mutant creatures,graveyard mod plus many more…. ModPack Link : Deathnode magic pack Welcome to the DeathNode City Full with item shops, item exchange, Quest Barracks, city bank and more bidingOnce you’re ready , begin your adventures in the overworld to create your small mud hut or epic settlement, become a noble ruler of light or an evil warlord tyrant, become a witch with the witchery mod or hunt them black magic user’s with a arsenal of witch hunter gear,Learn the strange ways of Thaumcraft and unlock the powers of the gods,Construct your own spells with ars magic2 and control the elements, time and destructive spells .defeat the guardians to become the strongest mage,Sacrifice your blood with blood magic and summon demons to do your biding All players are welcome to join the server to join in the fun, mob killing, building, general pvp and pig riding o.O (Server has a mature attitude concerning chat/play)