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  1. The Toxic Legacy Server is a modded Server running the Attack Of The B-Team Server! How to Join: Anyone is free to join but only select players ([Members]) have building rights. - If you want building rights please fill out a Application under the Application tab. - All applications will be reviewed by a staff member. - If you want instant building rights then Donate for the Member rank! - All applications will be looked at within 24hrs. If you do not get a response please contact us Apply here: http://tlb-team.enjin.com/home The server will run 24hrs 7 days a week! To keep this service we
  2. Age: 16 IGN: Cameron2621 Skype: cameron_2621 Youtube Channel (If you have one): None how often will you play on the server? As much as I can probraly over 2 hours a day are you willing to play fair? All I do is play fair..Not doing do ruins the game for the player and everyone around
  3. -Your mc name: Cameron2621 -Your age: 16 - What your main occupation is in minecraft: To play some Modded SMP with some freinds without the worry of being greifed - Which country your from: United States -Why you would like to join us: Looking for a place to play without having the worry of being greifed
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