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  1. Age: 21 IGN: Wan_Luke Skype: Obikunz Youtube Channel (If you have one): Wan_Luke how often will you play on the server? As long as I am awake for the first few weeks .. then 5 - 8 hours daily are you willing to play fair? I always play fair .. what you give is what you get .. be nice and no one will have problems
  2. IGN: Wan_Luke First Name: Obi Skype: Obikunz Age: 21 What you enjoy doing in AotBT: I enjoying building stuff like Bases and experimenting with the different mods. Most importantly write a paragraph: So without sounding too cliche or cheesy .. I just want to play on a server where I can just have lots of fun and not have to worry about it going down or anything like that .. Plus I like the whole small community feel when playing multi-player style .. Kind of the Hermitcraft experience and what not .. It seems more fun that way to me .. I just enjoy the community feel of a server .. and that is all there is to it .. If I say cheese a few times, is that creative use of the word or just annoying use of the word .. I bet it could be annoying .. I bet if I say Cheese and wait for a photo opp that would be ok .. I don't know .. Let me think of one ..
  3. IGN: Wan_Luke Age: 21 Skype: Obikunz In game skills: Building .. [You know, the Keralis kind of building] YouTube(if you have one): Wan_Luke [i just started it so it really hasn't got much going on right now] Why you feel you should be accepted: I just want to play the game with a small community to be honest, I don't feel I should or shouldn't be accepted. I just want to play and record videos with friends is all.
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