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  1. Bump! We're almost done! Get on and help us fix the last little bit of issues!
  2. The rebirth is here! Bump~~~ We need players and staff! Get on and help us regain the glory we once had.
  3. Bump! Thread updated. New host, so there should be a reduced chance of server lag and less network lag.
  4. (!WE NEED STAFF AND DEDICATED PLAYERS!) Thank you for viewing our advertisement! We strive to bring our players a fun, hacker-free PvP and factions environment. We keep our promise of no banned items. Find something banned? It's probably an error; Tell Chryonic! We will always put our players before anything! Players First. We have AutoRank, so don't worry! All your time spent working on our beloved server is worth something. Voting rewards are always open to change, along with all the kits! YOUR OPINION MATTERS HERE! GO AHEAD, SUGGEST ALL YOU WISH! Plugins: Factions McMMO SilkSpawners CombatLog Votifier ETC Kits: Daily Starter Weekly - - - IC2Starter IC2Advanced IC2Ultimate BuildCraftStarter BuildCraftAdvanced BuildCraftUltimate - - - Supporter Donator Extreme Donator ETC Vote Rewards: 4 DM 2 RM 1 Energy Condenser $15,000 You have a 1/10 chance to get /kit donator You have a 1/1000 chance of getting a full Quantum set (Non-Charged) (play.fulmination.org)
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