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  1. Welcome to Enopiacraft , this is a fairley new started server but we plan to make it grow, we're aiming to have a nice community going with events and such to make things more interesting, if you're looking for a nice small server with no banned items to play peacefully, this is the place to go. Server Ip Plugins: Essentials Worldguard Permex Lockette Factions These are the important plugins, any others are just minor, more will be added in future if needed. Rules: 1. Don't Harass the staff / beg for items 2. Don't Harass other players 3. Don't greif , if you do , we'll know and ban you. 4. Show respect, don't be a dick 5. No modded client 6. No spamming Whitelist application 1. Your age 2. What would be your goal on the server? 3. Why should be whitelist you? 4. Your IGN
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