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  1. would you like a monthly war with prises or just for the fun? contact me if so. We can take turn on each servers. And of couse all staff and owners will be stripped of powers at start.
  2. Have the owner of server contact me at my website. at Qucraft enjin. We can setup a monthly war. members and staff against each other and many others who like to join. We offer specific prizes if we loose as would you. If interested contact me Thank you
  3. 10gb 160 plus slots Server is in NC 2.0.4 Welcome to QuCraft 24 members and growing. We believe war and peace. With multiverse we have one area all out war and one where you become mayor of your own 200x200 plot of protected area. We use multilingual to aid any from other languages to speak clearly in their tongue it uses google translate. We use McBans No racism or sexual themes are tolerated Our staff do not tp to you and target you or I will put my staff of McBans personally. We we do go to war all staff including owners are striped of power and place
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