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  1. Tell us about yourself! IGN:Rabid_Chameleon First Name:Christopher Skype: rabidchameleon Age: 26 What you enjoy doing in AotBT:I'm new to this mod pack, but I'm very familiar with normal minecraft and the Hexxit Modpack. Looking forward to building new machines and amazing inventions!! Most importantly write a paragraph: I'm looking for mature community of like-minded folks who enjoy the game without having to cheat and troll. Frankly I'm 100% done dealing with cheesy people who are only on the game to get their jollies from annoying other people and then posting it on youtube. I used
  2. Age:26 IGN: Rabid_Chameleon Skype: Have one but not posting it on a public forum. Youtube Channel (If you have one): No How often will you play on the server? Most likely every day. Took a couple month break from MC, getting back into it with new modpack! Are you willing to play fair? Yes I would play fair. I hate cheaters.
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