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  1. IGN: iDon'tRead Skype Name:idon'treadlol Would you help others if help is needed?: Yes, unless they are forum mods then i just ignore them.
  2. Age:15 IGN: iNicolson Skype:inicolsonlol Youtube Channel (If you have one): iNicolsonGaming (Planning on starting youtube so this would be a nice start.) how often will you play on the server? Anout 3-5 hours a day are you willing to play fair? Yes,
  3. Yeah that was what i was thinking just wasnt too sure
  4. Username: iNicolson Age (Please don't lie even though I have no way to find out):15 almost 16 Any previous bans and why: Once only because i got raided by an admin on a towny server and i retaliated and got a ban. What you are going to contribute: I will contribute help if anybody is needing it. Any additional things you think I should know: I am a friendly person and just want to play games with nice people I am also thinking about starting youtube so i think this could be a nice start
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