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  1. IGN: Sir_3p0 (usually change my name to 3p0 if nicknames are available) Age: 20 How long have you played Minecraft/ B-Team?: I've played Minecraft since early Beta 1.3 and B-Team pretty much since it came out. Anything with Tinker's is a must play modpack! How often do you play?: I'd say around 4 hours a day. sometimes more or less depending on what i do that day. Other information: I'm a very relaxed, approachable guy always up for a chat, but i can also be a bit of a hermit sometimes. Going back to university in a couple of weeks to continue my Graphic Design degree so that m
  2. Age: 20. Thought i'd throw a little bit about myself in, because why not? I'm a laid back guy, very into my tech and gaming and currently enjoying summer after my first year at university studying Graphic Design. Experience: Very rounded. played a lot of mod packs but B-team is really the first one I've stuck to. How often i'll be playing: I'd generally say as much as i can. It can surprisingly vary quite a bit, seeing as i basically have no social life. Location: United Kingdom (No comments on how bad we are at sport please) Skype: live:ben.moffat IGN: Sir_3p0
  3. Age: 20 IGN: Sir_3p0 Skype: live:ben.moffat YouTube: Ben Moffat (I don't post videos, just enjoy everyone's POV) How often will you play on the server?: As much as i can, whenever i'm not in work. Not back at university until September! Are you willing to play fair?: Certainly, I've always been more of a builder, than a PvP sort of player anyway. *EDIT* Scratch that bit about work. I've just been sacked for having a stomach bug.
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