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  1. Welcome Beereed Mowgl13 and zom6ie_slayerz! you have been added to the whitelist! Just a bit of an update something went wrong with the old world and it had to be reset (not a huge deal as this is a new server). but the issue has been resolved but you may experience some lag from new chunks loading as it has not been explored all that much.


    further more i would like to add that if everyone who is let in is pretty active and things are going well i will be adding more ram. This is a dedicated server and as long as no one causes a crash while i am afk then it should always be up!


    See you guys in there!

  2. IP: naughtyville.mcph.co

    This server is whitelisted

    Looking to make a fun enjoyable experience for some people

    nothing banned all is allowed

    looking to make it more of a "mindcrack" feel

    pranking etc allowed

    stealing/griefing will result in a ban

    come play and have fun!

    Server will also be kept small

    looking for older/mature people

    Only thing i would like to forbid is pvp while a small mob ie. bat (it makes it really hard to battle)

    cheat mode will be used to give new users a completed fly gene and the materials for a portal and dial to go to spawn.

    it is not a pvp based server although pvp is allowed KOS will not be tolerated and after a battle the winner should not take the other users items.

    please comment age and why i should let you in and anything else you think will help you get in.

    Hope to see you there!

    Please add IGN when applying.

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