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  1. Age: (If younger than 20 please explain your personality type.) 16 almost-I'm usually very friendly and get along with the community (atleast I hope that's how others see me...).I put a lot of work in to my minecraft projects. Experience: (Like I said before, not very important.) Never played AOTB before,I have spent a lot of hours playing feed the beast tho. How often you'll be playing: Whenever I find time,I say around 10 hours a week Where you are from: (Also doesn't matter much, but fun to know.) I'm from Croatia,very nice country. Skype:Bartol12343 and last but not le
  2. AGE:15 IGN:BartyKonc Skype:Bartol12343 Youtube Channel:BartyKonc-have no plans of recording modded minecraft how often are you willing to play on the server? When I have time are you willing to play fair?Yes,I'm all for that.
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