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  1. Hey, I've been working on setting up a multiplayer server I'd like to host but doing it alone takes some time! I'm looking for a small group of people who'd like to help get this server up to something we can be proud of. Whoever wants to help just look up the Technic pack here and the server will be already set up when you download it. I'm fronting all the cost for the server and it's just for fun so lets make something good!
  2. Thanks for the advice Pugsley. I'm not sure what you mean by a contract deal? Also, I should have been more clear, I'm not looking to make money, just cover the cost of hosting the server. I want to stay away from "professional builders". I have a few friends who are helping me out as well but we're all new to this so it's the blind leading the blind right now. I'm actually still doing the army thing right now but i graduate training on the 24th and when i get home i'll have much more time and be able to write custom mods like I'm planning. My problem right now is that there are so many options for plugins I don't know where to start. I've spend the past three hours looking at different permissions plugins. You seem to have some experience in the field. What plugins should I be looking at to set up permissions and grief prevention? I guess i'll start there. I've been looking at Essentials but I'm not sure if that is the best solution or if i should go with WorldGuard or GriefPrevention? Thanks for your advice!
  3. Hello everyone, I'm looking for some help to start up a new tekkit server which i hope will be able to compete with Tekkify. I plan on having much of the same mods installed but i want to allow as may of the items as i can, only banning the ones that mess with grief prevention. I also want to try and write some custom mods to fill the gaps that other servers wont be able to fill. I'm looking for someone with experience as an op on a server to possibly help me out and answer some questions. I plan on setting up a donation website where people who donate get special privileges, you know how it works. so whoever wants to help out we can split the profit, after i cover the cost of hosting the server. I'm mainly looking for help with setting up the plugins and grief prevention because i want to be 100% sure that's done right. A little about me: I'm a computer science major from the University of Central Florida. I'm going into my Junior year after taking a year off to join the National Guard. I have plenty of experience with more programming languages than I can count, I've just never written a mod before, but i'll pick it up quick. You can download my modpack now from the Technic launcher with the URL below: http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/thefactorytest it comes with a link to my server I'm setting up and you'll log in without build privileges. The server is also up and down allot so don't be surprised if it is not up when you try. Thanks for all your help! The Technic community is great form all the posts I've read
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