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  1. Heres a mod that i've come up with and was wondering if it was possible and if someone wanted to try and code it. Storyline mod -So the just of this mod is that you can edit parts of your world to do certain things such as spawn mobs and setoff Redstone circuits or do camera pans or even play a mini movie. -the way people would do this could be by using commands like the commands that are already in the game. Another thing is this should be easy to install so people could use this and play survival maps that would use this mod. Command Ideas /tool – this would be used for setting the tool you are holding and make it able to set regions by right clicking two blocks and making a cube of where things can happen, it could also be called /wand or /editor etc. /untool – this would simply make it so a block that is a tool loses the tool abilities and becomes a regular block. /action – this makes it so once you have the region you can apply an action that is in game. Possible actions - /spawn [creature][number] – spawns creatures when the area is entered - /kill [radius] [type] – kills all of a certain mob in an area to kill all in the area put all in the ‘type’ space - /turnon [radius] – turns all Redstone on in a certain radius - /turnonspc [z,x,y] [radius] – turns redstone on in certain block area (source not from region set of in) - /turnoff [radius] – turns all Redstone off in a certain radius - /turnoffspc [z,x,y] [radius] - turns redstone off in certain block area (source not from region set of in) - /damage [amount of halfhearts][player,mob]– deals [ ] damage to player or mob when they enter the area. - /heal [amount of halfhearts] – player revives [ ] halfhearts when they enter the area. - /replace [radius] [type of block(s) replaced] [replacer block] – replaces certain blocks with different ones in the radius. - /burn [radius] – sets all blocks in the radius burn - /gear [damage value][slot, item] deals a certain amount of damage to amour tool etc. /outaction - makes it so your selected region will open a link or play/open a file. Possible outactions - /openfile [filename] – opens the file selected on your computer if it exists (is this possible?) - /gotoweb - opens url in internet - /pause&play [filename] – pauses the game and opens the file on your computer - /pause&go Multiple actions in one area: To do this do any amount of action you want just put a + and put the next command in. Ex. /turnoff+kill
  2. Smart, but what about being able to go at angles and the plane pointing in the direction?
  3. I've just discovered the trouble in mineville minigame servers, and it is awesome, (for any of you unfamiliar with it here’s one of the servers websites here.) and was wondering if their where any proper strategies for it and what you think of it.
  4. Just a suggestion but have you heard of the T42 texture pack/ it’s a realistic 64 pack with about 90% texture support just in case you wanted a good realistic texture pack for tekkit/technic. Looks very nice btw.
  5. Definitely agree with you on farming simulator and RCT, number 2 is my favourite.
  6. What!?! can you give a link or something i would definitely like to see this.
  7. there are many types of games out there like puzzle or FPS, RPG, MMO etc. so whats your favourite. Personally for me its RTS.
  8. the Technic pack is going no where but up and all the mod makers have not announced they have ended the development of there mods. What I think is that there may be some downtime for some mods but I think that this will only be a temporary inconvenience and that we might be stuck with 1.2.5 for some time still.
  9. I like freakachu's. unless you wanted to use things from other mods .
  10. That was for slyfury (^above^)(for some reason can't edit)
  11. And? what do you have to add other than my quote hmmm?
  12. I couldn't think it was that complicated. But I guess if you using anything besides mach I reactors it would take some extra work .
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