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  1. I want to voice my support for Bibliocraft. Them bookshelves and things are too damn pretty and useful not to have, and the mod doesn't overlap or overshadow anything. I'd love a Record Rack to hold all the great Tropicraft music. Sounds great! You may be happy to learn that in morph's cfg you can limit when you are able to learn to fly. You can set it to require having been to the nether, and I think the second limit you can set is needing to have killed a wither. Don't quote me on that second one though. There are a few other cool settings too, like how well morphing into
  2. MFR kicks butt, I don't know why forestgrind would ever be high on somebody's priority list. I really wish you did give more than "..." because I really want to know. It's always felt like it makes much more work than it relieves you of. Thaumcraft is very insulated from any other mod. It would overshadow Witchery and everything else. Instead of playing "Attack of the B-Team" you'd be playing "Thaumcraft and some other things". I do agree about the power generation problem. I would adore this pack if it had bigreactors and computercraft to manage them. Iron Chests might be nice. Wi
  3. It's a total bummer to see bits of a biplane in NEI but not having the ability to put them together. I don't want spitfires, 109s and carpet-bombing, just a plane to putter around in without the clunkiness of Archimedes. I suppose I could get a dragon... still though, biplanes would be much appreciated if added.
  4. The people are friendly and there's a good atmosphere. I'm picky about servers, and this is the right one for me. Would recommend.
  5. You have possibly the worst game playerbase to build a community with and yet these forums are a great place and don't even cost Seriously, well done. To think that all this was originally just one little download link in a forum thread is pretty mindblowing. Thanks for making Minecraft modding a thing that doesn't suck.
  6. Your 'laser vision' comes in the form of a high powered laser beamed in your face. You are permanently blinded but do have a very nice suntan. I wish I had Google Glass.
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