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  1. Allright, thanks anyways then, might turn it into a crop farm instead then Still, it annoys me that the one place works..
  2. Well, in that case, none of the saplings would grow.. and not to be a fanboy, but BdoubleO has done something very similiar and that's underground and working afaik
  3. I got 16 high now as well, but no change, do they need dirt in their vicinity as well? But it's strange as they grow perfectly fine in the screenshot above, and that should have the same light, same height, same pretty much everything as the other saplings..
  4. Hello I've tried to build a tree farm below ground in my sacred springs biome, but somehow the ProjectRed Exploration saplings won't grow. That is not the whole truth though since it works in a single spot (See image: http://imgur.com/xtiKuZb). I got the same height everywhere (13 blocks), i use normal dirt (fertilized dirt should work though?), but when i try to use bone meal nothing happens on all places except on the dirt patches at the bottom right in the image. I got glowstone next to each spot, so lighting shouldn't be a problem, and i don't think height should be either. The biome i
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