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  1. Hey Guys Looking For Some staff For My New server. As the Title says it's a pvp/raid server. I need Admin, Mods, Helpers and a Dev or two....if interested go to angelscraftmc.enjin.com/application to apply Thanks
  2. An Attack of the B-Team Server! We are a semi-small server with 80 slots. We are looking to grow into a bigger server where we provide multiple modpacks, but until that time comes we have tried to create a enjoyable place to come and have fun. We have offered you guys/girls: - Survival - Grief Prevention - PvP/Raiding Unclaimed Areas - Bounty Hero - PvP Arena (Coming Soon!) - More to Come! Come and Check us out @ aaos.enjin.com IP:
  3. Come join my new small server ArchAngels! 20 slots... Am looking for staff so if interested go to the website aaos.enjin.com If you just want a server to have fun and play with friends then come and join us. We Have: Survival Grief Prevention PvP (In Unclaim Areas) Economy Player Shops (Coming Soon) PvP Arena (Coming Soon) More to Come! Server IP:
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